A Day In the Life

steve wouldn’t be anywhere without sam


it’s literally canon that steve was jogging around the national mall for a few weeks and kept seeing this super cute runner all the time and then cap 2 opens on the day he finally got up his courage and picked out his tightest under armor shirt and just went for it


Steve being the one Darcy consults for her pin up Halloween costume because he knows how to do, and set pin curls.

Steve knowing what shades of red lipstick work for what skin tones because he loves art and color, and is a good listener.

Steve having a working knowledge of how to hem, darn, and repair on the fly.

Steve learning these things from being back stage with a female company on a tour.

Steve being a whiz at sizing women’s shoes because when you work and essentially live with women you learn fast.

Steve absolutely being a vocal supporter of women’s clinics, shelters, and charities because single mothers, battered spouses, and girls working to support the family they had left stayed with him.

Steve’s formative influences and female company being his mom, the USO company he toured with, and Peggy.

Steve getting truly annoyed over gender based marketing because it’s demeaning to reduce people down to colors and stereotypes.

Steve visiting Peggy and telling her that he’s working to find a place for the world they wanted.

Steve and the important, strong, and incredible women he was surrounded with.

Vocally feminist Steve setting guys right when they want their worldview applauded by someone “old fashioned”.


imagine steve rogers’ face the first time he sees a same-gender couple holding hands in public imagine steve rogers’ face the first time he sees an interracial couple holding hands in public his smile could literally light up the whole universe




god i love it when nat runs for cover under steve’s shield / steve instinctively raises his arm to cover them both





And Clint just runs off to fuck knows where, while Thor just kinda looks inconvenienced 


imagine steve rogers finding out people were saying that girls and women shouldn’t wear captain america merchandise and uploading a youtube video of him that consists of like seven minutes of him reading the stupid comments out loud in silly voices and laughing


(happy frolicking noises)

we should all take the time to get lost in the beauty that is sam wilson







Vocally political and liberal Steve Rogers

Fox News has no idea how to handle it because he’s Captain America and he’s literally from the 40’s like how do that handle that

He refuses to go on half of the news shows because they lie

Mostly ends up on the Daily Show, the Colbert Report, and the Young Turks

Starts charities that focus on kids and the poor

Donations to veterans charities go through the roof

Treatment for PTSD in veterans suddenly gets addressed after he admits to being diagnosised with it

Steve Rogers starting a twitter specifically for linking people to horrible news stories and calling news stations out on their lies and scare tactics 

Using his twitter to complain about the state of public news and how it should be a space of change and value and honesty for the American public, and how he’s so ashamed of it all

He accidentally becomes like public face for the new generation of politically savvy people

They make of shirts like WWCD “what would Cap do?”

Tony is thrilled and proud and hires of team of lawyers exclusively to handle the news stations screaming about Steve

Fox news gets slapped with so many libel fines and law suits

Going on a show and regretting it the moment an offensive question or comment comes up and decides he’s completely done and just tears the interviewer a new one.  It goes viral.  

The public face thing is just the start.  It starts this whole new wave of people that shut down offensive shit during interviews and holding their own.

There is a short time period once he turns 35 where there is a rally cry of “Captain America for President” that he gracefully turns down.

But politicians starting courting him, trying to get him to publicly state that they support him because his influence is just so massive, and they keep getting shut down hard

Talks about growing up in the depression when people bring up financial issues - says things like “With all due respect, ma’am, what others may remember as being over 80 years ago was less then 5 ago to me. Things were supposed to get better. Those issues we thought we fixed were supposed to go away - we were supposed to work to a future where it was gone - and instead it seems to be worse then ever.”

And of course he’s a raging feminist and is absolutely appalled when Natasha tells him about rape statistics

Bruce takes a lot of time to fully educate him about the social and medical side of abortions, teaches him about the various birth defects and medical issues the mothers can face, shows him the demographic information of access and need, and Steve is horrified by that too

Then Tony walks him through gay rights and other LGBTQ issues, all of them helping him understand how sexuality can manifest differently and the difference between sex and gender identity

Steve just REAL FUCKIN DONE with everything.

Angrily stands in protest rallies and dares people to start something with peaceful protesters.  Just DARES them.

Rolls his eyes at baby boomer articles about the newer generations.  He’s heard that mess before.  He’s done with it.

Understanding people have problems with medical bills, having been there himself.

Fucking standing up for single mothers becaUSE LIKE WHOA THAT’S HIS MOTHER YOU JUST DISSED.

Steve Rogers hating bullies.  Hates that kids are actually KILLING THEMSELVES because of bullying and people are just “oh boys will be boys” about it and he’s just LIVID. 

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