A Day In the Life

The Avengers have all taken to quizing Steve and Bucky on various cultural refrences they have missed, to the point where if any refrence is made, they will all turn and look expectantly at the two, waiting for one to identify the refrence.Bucky and Steve have turned this into an intense competition. Sam keeps score and Natasha moderates. Thor is confused.

Every friday, the Avengers are forced to play games to “maintain trust and teamwork.” Every now and again frisbee is suggested. As expected, Steve and Bucky kick ass at frisbee… As not expected, however, both were banned from ever playing again after an unfortunate accident resulting in a small 20x2 cm gap in one of the first floor windows of Stark Tower.

Submitted by madmoll

Submitted by madmoll

Autistic Avengers Headcanons


autistic Clint who is just as good a shot with a gun, but he really doesn’t like the weight/texture/noise of them, which is why he sticks with a bow.

autistic Steve who has a damn near photographic memory and is able to do incredibly accurate sketches of people/landscapes. He sells some of his work, and donates the money to charities/organisations that provide free vaccines/health care to kids.

autistic Thor who makes it rain when he’s getting overwhelmed, because the sound always makes him calm down.

autistic Clint who adores enclosed spaces, and can almost always be found crawling around in the vents (Tony laughs, and then redesigns them to be more stable, and gives Clint a “room” in the ceiling over the living room).

autistic Natasha and Bruce who both love cooking because it’s so straightforward and easy to understand. They take over cooking meals in the Tower, occasionally helped by Steve, Phil, and Pepper. (But not Tony and Clint, those two have been forever banned from the kitchen after the pancake debacle).

autistic Tony who is really bad at planning things out and remembering things (one of the reasons why he’s so bad at cooking). Pepper and JARVIS help remind him of upcoming events, and to slow down and think things through more.

autistic Clint who has some days when he just turns his hearing aids off (or takes them out) and communicates entirely in sign language, because the world is just too noisy.

autistic Thor who has a lot of trouble controlling his volume, and doesn’t understand why his comrades (especially Bruce) are so reluctant to be near him at first. Once they tell him, he puts a lot of effort into being quieter.

autistic Natasha and Tony who often get told that they can’t be on the spectrum (because she’s so good at reading faces/body language, and he’s so charismatic and outgoing). Natasha just stalks the person and casually plays with her knives/guns, until they apologise. Tony destroys their credit score.

autistic Natasha who stims with her knives/daggers. She likes watching the light play off the blades, and listening the rasping sound they makes when she sharpens them. When she pulls them out to clean, everyone knows to leave her alone.

autistic Bruce whose sensory issues have transferred almost completely to Hulk, which is one of the reasons Hulk can be so temperamental and destructive. Once they figure this out, Tony builds a big “sensory calm-down” room so the big guy can have a place to retreat to when he gets overwhelmed. Everybody pitches in to help decorate it.

autistic Tony who prefers the company of machines to human because there’s no room for confusion in gears and binary code. 

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